About Us


With a vision for the advancement of the local tourism industry, the Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka - then known as The Ceylon Tourist Hotels Association- held its inaugural meeting on the 9th of March 1965. Having transpired a whole year prior to the establishment of the Ceylon Tourist Board, the event is celebrated as a significant milestone in the evolvement of the modern tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

Mr. N.K Choksy, Q.C was officially elected as the first president of the association and following a year of operation THASL recorded a total of 720 graded rooms with a total bed capacity of 1,200.

And in 1973 inspired by the rapid development of the tourism industry and growth in membership, THASL joined hands with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to offer their members a more comprehensive service provision.

On the 11th of August 2011, the association was registered as a company by guarantee under the Companies Act of 2007 with its current name, THE HOTELS ASSOCIATION OF SRI LANKA.

The association has resiliently prevailed in their mission to uplift the local tourism industry in the midst of insurgencies, natural disasters, epidemics and a three-decade long civil war. Today THASL is the apex body of the entire hotel industry in the country. It's membership presently stands at 200 hotels and resorts located in different parts of the country, comprising reputed International hotel brands, leading local hotel chains, proprietorships and stand-alone properties ranging from Colombo 5* city hotels to all other star categories including top end boutique properties.