Benefits of Becoming a Member of THASL

  1. Overlooking the interests of the members in all areas connected to the Tourism Industry and intervention on members behalf on industry issues.

  2. Liaising with the Tourism and other related Ministries and Government Authorities on matters of interest and policy.

  3. The Association also has designated committees for Marketing, Finance & Human Resources to organize Activities such as trainings & Fund Raising Events to fulfill the interests of the General Membership.

  4. Circulation of Tourism Industry related material received from Sri Lanka Tourism and other authorities such as Trade Fairs, Training Programmes, Meetings with foreign delegations etc.

  5. Offering of discounted Special Fares from Airlines for the participation of Trade Fairs and other promotional visits.

  6. Sharing of knowledge and information with other affiliated organizations in Sri Lanka or overseas having objectives similar to those of the association.