THASL requests Govt. further relax travel restrictions


The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL), the premier tourism trade association with the largest investment and number of employees in the industry, yesterday urged the Government to further relax travel restrictions as opposed to partially lifting them.

“We welcome the limited easing of travel restrictions. However, the current rules on local tourism are massively disruptive for the hotel sector across the country and threatens the job security of hundreds of thousands of its employees and other indirect stakeholders. Therefore, we request the Government consider further lifting travel and operating restrictions on hotels,” THASL President Sanath Ukwatte said in a statement.

Ukwatter however added that THASL understood the rules were there to control the spread of the virus, and that the tourism industry would continue to support these guidelines, which are vital for the safety of the community. “But how much longer can the industry handle these pressures,” THASL queried.

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